Машина за решения/Decision making machine

This project is based on the idea of ​​the universal human decision-making problem. With every movement we make a decision inevitably .Machines are programmed in making certain decisions based on the parameters and logarithms that were set before that. All the decisions we take as people are due to our perceptions of the circumstances we have encountered. This means that we can say that logarithms on which we make decisions are also “programmed” in us.
Often, when falling into insecurity in themselves, people turn to any kind of “decision-making” systems. For me, the problem is not the search for “advice”, but the rather common blind belief that the advice is actually a ready solution and somebody else can bear the resulting guilt afterwards. It sounds quite comfortable, but in reality we are the one that stands behind the decision that was made. The chain is closed and it ends with the action we take.

The artwork itself presents an interactive digital performance. The “Decision making machine” is giving me some instantly generated directions and number of moves, but in the moments when it feels my presence, something goes wrong.

This performance was made as part of my studies in the National Arts Academy, more precisely in the Digital arts classes, where my teachers Venelin Shurelov and Antoni Rayzhekov, helped me with the whole process and I thank them for that.









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